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"Kim Austin delivered a very balanced, soothing massage. She is sensitive to clients' needs and is very calming to be around. She was very professional and intent on giving me a good experience and focusing on my problem areas. I would definitely recommend her!"

-Nila G.

"Gentle but effective."

-Maria S. 

"Kim has an innate power to heal through touch. After a 1hr massage I felt relief for the first time in three days of intense neck pain. If you're looking for an intuitive, knowledgeable and caring massage therapist, I recommend you go to Kim."
- Chuente C. 


Kimberly Austin is absolutely the BEST massage therapist in town! She is talented, sweet, caring, kind, and generous! I have been going to her for several months, and I always feel like I'm floating when I a whole new ME! If you need to de-stress, unwind, relax, refresh, and renew- Kimberly at Massage Kneads is your girl. She is also very involved in the community: always making donations to charity and supporting local causes. I work for a local fire department, and she has been incredibly giving to our first responders...she is definitely a blessing to all. Her good karma and sweet temperament will surely bless you.

-Melissa U.

Today I had a chair massage with Massage Kneads.  Kimberly Austin was strong and friendly and made me feel comfortable right away.  At the end of our time together I felt fantastic and now I want another massage soon! I was uncomfortable with the idea of a massage at first, having a stranger rub my back does not sound fun.  But Kimberly instantly relaxed my guard with her kind and friendly conversation.  During the massage, it was pleasantly quiet allowing me time to just close my eyes and relax.  I am working on referring a few friends as she does Swedish and deep tissue massage (something others might like)  I hope to try the Hot Stone massage next.  I highly recommend Massage Kneads, specifically Kimberly!

-Jonelle T

I've been going to Kimberly for about 6 months after a Christmas present massage. She gives me my feel-good massage that also helps work out my knots and strained muscles. Kimberly is professional and works on areas that need attention. I love the hot rocks. Once a month, every month - I wish I could go every week but time simply won't allow it.

-Dorothy C.

Kim is awesome! Relaxing and considerate of problem areas Very detailed and knowledgeable. She's always learning new techniques. Try out cupping!

-Brian K.

I truly enjoyed my massage today.  I have had a lot of massages over the years yet she still stepped it up by not only providing a great massage, but also continuing to check in with me to ensure that the pressure was good and she gave me some very useful info. to help me between visits.  She topped it off by sending me a thank you email with some additional tips.  She is a true professional!   Thank you Kimberly!!

-Kim O.

Kimberly is a very professional and competent masseuse. In addition to these great qualities, she is very customer service oriented. She makes sure her massage table is cozy and warm with each massage, she "checks in" with her customer during the massage to assess their comfort level, and she gets to know her customers well. I was very impressed after the massage when she handed me an instruction sheet on ways to further aid in resolving my problem areas in between my massages. At the last visit, she even handed me a few different business cards from people in the area who were specifically related to other topics of conversation we had during the massage. She gave me great referrals to speak with a local life coach and a local herbalist. I highly recommend her services! You'll definitely get your money's worth!

-Stacey G.

I got the most amazing 2-hour massage from Kimberly today! She really took the time to work on my many problem areas and helped relieve the chronic stiffness at the surgery site on my neck, it hasn't felt this good for a long time :) Thank you Kimberly!

-Holly H.

Kimberly is a wonderful massage therapist. She's got a knack for finding all your knots and sore spots, and uses just the right pressure. On top of that, she's friendly, professional, and responsive to feedback. I left my massage feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Matt L. 

Kimberly is amazing! She addressed all of my concerns and provided a very relaxing massage!! I definitely recommend her!!

-Chrissy Z.

Highly professional and really responsive to my needs and trouble spots!

-Jen B.

Kim is wonderful and amazing. She is professional and cares about your wellness. Massage Kneads is by far the best place I’ve been. I would recommend to everyone.

Chris R. 

Kimberly was great. She paid attention to my kneads and really worked these sore muscles. I'll be back soon!

Esther L. 

Kimberly knows what she is doing and what she does is wonderful!

Tammy S. 









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