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updated 9.18.2020: Still Closed. 

Safety Protocols: When you enter Massage Kneads and Salon Nouveau you will fill out an intake form (for new clients), new and returning clients will fill out a health statement form. Kimberly, will be wearing a face mask, and apron, changing out the apron after each client. She thoroughly washes her hands and arms before and after each session and uses hand sanitizer. Her equipment is also cleaned and sanitized. 

She has proper protection on her table (new sheets, blankets, apron for each customer, table protector), and air purifier, surfaces will be wiped down (door handles, chairs, cabinet top, hangers after each and every session. Cups of water will still be provided, as will hair ties that are one-time use. Baby wipes, and face wipes will be available for your use if  you wish to use them. 

Cash will still be accepted, along with checks, and cards. 

Going forward there may be more limited spaces for clients to ensure the safety of people at Massage Kneads, Salon Nouveau, and all clients. This allows for more time to do laundry, and to wipe down services. Please be patient with us as we navigate this new normal for all. 


At Massage Kneads we help people who suffer from headaches, migraines, neck pain, jaw pain, arm/hand pain, foot/leg pain, and low back pain. 


Kimberly  offers a relaxing massage that eases your pain, and your problem areas. Treatment plans will be recommended. Do you need to come in once or a week? To get the problem under control to start, yes, more often is more necessary. After your problem areas have been addressed and flair up less, you will be moved to a more maintenance based treatment plan of every 3 weeks or once a month. If you still wish to come in sooner, that is okay too! I am  here to make your life more enjoyable and more pain free. 


As a valued client you will also be asked to give referrals of people you think would benefit from massage. Is this person a desk jockey who grinds their teeth? Great, I can help with that by working on their neck, scalp, and jaw muscles. 


Pain Areas Treated at Massage Kneads

  • Headaches/Migraines (read article here)
  • Low Back pain (read article here)
  • Foot Pain/Leg Pain (read article here)
  • Neck Pain/Jaw Pain (read article here)
  • Arm/Hand pain (carpal tunnel/arthritis) (read article here)


Great Clients for Massage Kneads

  • Working Parents
  • Small Business Owners
  • People who like less pressure
  • Office Workers who have carpal tunnel, or grind their teeth
  • Women with PTSD


Not a Great Client for Massage Kneads

  • Body Builders
  • Athletes
  • People who LOVE Firm Pressure
  • Pregnant women

(Don’t worry, I can refer you to the proper person who does the things I don't) 

Contact Massage Kneads today to experience one or all modalities and Unknot Your Life Today!


This is a one-person organization. So please be patient with me if I don't pick up immediately, I may be in session with a client. My hours are 10am-7pm, if you wish to talk to me, please leave me a voicemail message, or text me. I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you for your time. 

-Kimberly E Austin

Certified Massage Therapist #68526




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